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  • Tripdots

    Do I need GPS to use Tripdots?

    GPS is not required. If your mobile phone has GPS, then Tripdots probably supports it. However, you can always choose your location by entering the address if you are not using the GPS.

    Can I use the GPS built into my phone?

    Tripdots will show your location on the map by utilizing the GPS in your phone, if it has a GPS and if you give permission to access the GPS. The current version of Tripdots does not remember the routes you take by using your phone GPS. You will need to indicate the starting and ending location of each trip. You can automate capturing all your trips with TripConnect and products like Automatic.

    Do I need to be driving to use Tripdots and to capture my trips?

    No. Tripdots can be used to manually enter your trips at any time after you’ve completed your trip.

    Is Tripdots really free?

    Tripdots is free to use with up to 50 trips per month. After 50 trips, you will need to purchase Tripdots to unlock the power of unlimited trips and on-demand reporting.

    How much does Tripdots cost?

    Tripdots is free to use with up to 50 trips per month. If you want to keep track of more then 50 trips per month, Tripdots will cost $9.99 per month, or $99 per year. That will provide you with unlimited trips and on demand reporting. With on demand reporting, you can create reports immediately.

    Why can’t I get my mileage report?

    Reports are automatically emailed to you, once per 24 hour period. By purchasing Tripdots, you can request a report at any time by going to Reports (main menu) and setting the date range, then touching “Send Now”.

    Does Tripdots allow exporting of report data to other expense tracking and ERP systems?

    Yes. After receiving your report in your email, forward it to SAP Concur and other ERP services that provide OCR receipts within their workflow.


    What is TripConnect?

    TripConnect is a feature that provides a data connection with great products with telematics services from our partners. You simply plug-in a TripConnect support product into your vehicle or connect with your vehicles supported 4G/LTE on-board telematics services. TripConnect supported products include GPS services and communicate directly with the Tripdots cloud. This has a number of advantages such as not having significant battery drain on your mobile phone and never needing to have an app running on your cellphone. TripConnect supported products include a data service to transmit your cars trips and routes location information continuously while you are driving. That ensures that your driving is being logged automatically and your actual distance traveled is accurately recorded in your personal Tripdots cloud storage.

    Does TripConnect cost extra?

    TripConnect devices typically need to be purchased. Tripdots supports TripConnect devices, and that’s included with Tripdots, both paid and free versions.

    Using Tripdots with Automatic

    How many vehicles does Tripdots support when using Automatic?

    The current version of Tripdots supports one vehicle when using Automatic. Trips from the first vehicle listed in your Automatic account will be imported.

    Why do my new trips automatically get assigned to Business?

    Trips imported will be assigned to the first Category and Rate that is defined in your Expenses list. You can easily change this by choosing Settings, then Expenses. Press the List button at the bottom right of the screen and then move any of your Categories to the first position.

    Should I tag my trips as Business in the Automatic App?

    You can tag all your trips in Tripdots. Tagging trips in Automatic will not effect your tags in Tripdots.

    Do I need the Automatic App to use TripConnect?

    Yes. The Automatic App must be installed and working so Tripdots can access the trip information from your Automatic account.
  • Tripdots requires:
    • iOS 8 or greater
    • iPhone 5 or higher
    • Internet connection
    We highly recommend a TripConnect device for optimal experience and convenience.

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