• Automating Mileage Reporting

    Automating Mileage Reporting

    Add Tripdots Cloud Services to Your Applications

Automated Mileage Reporting

Automated Mileage Reporting

  • Tripdots provides automated mileage reporting for expense reports, tax deductions and business dashboards
  • Automatically generated mileage reports daily, weekly and monthly
  • Eliminate time consuming, costly paper logs and processing
  • Capture additional revenue opportunities, and deliver new features for your applications
TripConnect Cloud Services

TripConnect Cloud Services

  • TripConnect cloud-to-cloud SaaS platform delivers seamless integration into your application
  • Includes license to patent granted technology to ensure IP protection for your head unit and OBD based connected car apps and services
  • Complete technical integration services and support for your applications
Expense Automation For EnterpriseExpense Automation For Enterprise

Expense Automation For Enterprise

Cisco Spark Tripdots BOT delivers vehicle trip reporting and expense categorization with the simplicity, convenience and safety of messaging and voice UI for the driver. Tripdots integration provides scalable, reliable workforce automation for the enterprise.

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Connect Your Applications

Connect Your Applications

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